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In conversation with Camille Marino

In conversation with Camille Marino

When the story of Queenie, a dog used for experiments, became public "Negotiation is over" founder Camille Marino posted the name and address of vivisector Donal O'Leary on her page. After a flood of emails from people outraged by his actions he felt threatened and somehow held Camille solely responsible for it. Now Camille is facing up to 10 years in prison for speaking. This, of course, is an attempt to stop the movement from peeking behind closed doors and from exposing the truth. WILD TIME talked to Camille about the case ...


Kathryn Margaret

Thank you, Thomas, for discussing the sadistic individual Donal O'Leary and his torture of "Queenie." People around the world are outraged by this individual's sadistic, abuse of animals, carried out in the name of science and at the taxpayer's expense. Camille is exposing animal abuse, and she deserves our unwavering support.

Jennifer Connor

Thomas, thank you for a clear introduction to this interview. Straight to O,Leary without fear. I applaud you for this. Camille has exposed the barbaric nature of vivisection and the sadistic person, Donal O,Leary..Camille you spoke with clarity ..Anyone listening to this will ultimately be Godsmacked at the cruel murders , secretly being carried out in the name of scientific research.

Ann Parkes

Thank you Thomas for your intro which made it clear what this 'gentleman' represents!!

Camille said it all - "we need to expose the atrocities and blast these people into the public consciousness."

O'Leary and his peers torment & murder animals in secret for $millions and a status in society that the do not merit.

They are degenerate, sociopathic sadists and murderers.

Please - support Camille and NIO in our fight against these abusers!