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Hunters exposed - in conversation with Shannon Wright

Hunters exposed - in conversation with Shannon Wright

About the show

Wild Time talked to animal rights activist Shannon Wright whose blog exposes hunting for what it is: an activity that brings suffering and death to innocent sentient beings. But Shannons blog is different in that it also emphasises on woman hunters and even contains a "most vile" countdown. It also touches on 'hunters vs.serial killers'.

Visit our official blog for Shannon's blog link as well as her facebook page


Joey Racano

What gives anybody the right to hunt and kill on a full stomach? That is disgraceful. And nobody should teach that to our children- this next generation is poised to face a world where Lions and other fauna are a mere story from the past. The saddest thing I ever saw was old black and white film footage of a 'great white hunter' shooting a male lion who really was no threat. It was so distressing to see the lion in all his glory being assaulted this way. Non sustenance hunters have no right to kill our wild heritage and should be treated as cultists and sent to rehab for deprogramming. -Joey Racano, Los Osos California


Shannon Wright is the vice-president of the [Global Anti-Hunting Coalition] (GAHC), and for good reason. The reason is in this interview. Please listen to her forthright, insightful and courageous words and expression, and support her noble cause. Other than being a leading anti-huntress, she is also a great anti-racist - see her in [Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists] and [Wipe Out Racism In The Animal Rights Movement]. Finally, read her blog ( - it may change your view, or even your life.


I am ashamed to say that I was one of those women that joined the hunter brigaide. I was in a very mentally abusive relationship for 7 years. When I finally found the courage to walk away I was a VERY damaged person. The 'real' me would NEVER have killed anything, but I was so desperate for approval that I went along with my new partner on hunting (killing) expeditions. I shot wallabies and caught fish, and I will spend the rest of my life regreting, and atoning for that sin of sins. I truly believe that women, in general, are not killers. It is not in our make-up to kill. We are nurturers, and only resort to killing when we have been abused. I will never forgive myself.


it is absurd to infer that women in general are just as cold and bloodthirsty as men. these are exceptions. and i think saying they are, only feeds the next generation of women who would hunt. and what are the reasons for their becoming hunters? is it competition? is it just the compromise required to play with the boys? are they trying to impress males with their unfeeling acts of murder? i would like to know these reasons.


the anomally of women who destroy life is just that. it goes against every fibre of a womann's heart, soul, and brain. it is certainly proof once again that women are devolving into men. because patriarchy heralds these violent attributes as virtuous, women have had to acclamate to these standards in order to compete with men. although in the minority, it is sad to see them teaching young girls to enjoy this type of activity. this is why matriarchy is so imperative. we cannot allow these few examples of devolved women to become de riguer. it destroys what is so wonderful about women, yes even women born of men, that sets them not only apart from, but above males.

Nerida V Monk

What I get from this post is the intention to expose WOMEN as being just as dastardly capable of psychopathic behavior towards animals as men. It's been my personal experience that women revere life more than men because they give birth to and nurture life - after a significant gestation period.
Statistically speaking, I'd like to know the percentage of women holding hunting licenses as compared to men - as I contend the number of women who feel sociopathically compelled to kill compared to men pales in comparison.

Examples of women being just as violently abhorrent as men are given without giving recognition as to whom they were seeking approval/accolades from. Did any of these women kill in an attempt to please other women??? Are these just women trying to please the patriarchal diaphragms of which they live? What good does it do to try to explain the rule by the exception?

Maternal instinct is a major force to be reckoned with. By citing the few women who have been freakishly born without or have lost their sense of empathy, you do no justice to the majority of women with their maternal instincts in tact. This looks like an attempt to make women look just as bad as men who have had their sense of empathy socialized out of them. No hunting or killing of animals is acceptable and by showing women who commit such heinous crimes towards sentients in no way relieves men of their overwhelmingly higher contribution.

Has there ever been any widespread evidence of women seeking the approval of other women by killing other sentient beings? Or is this just another attempt to make men feel better because the majority of them do fail to respect and nurture life as women, generally speaking do?

I was disappointed that the interviewer spoke more than the interviewee but, I guess that should be expected in a male dominated society.


Hi Amrita, thank you for listening!!

Amrita Bhattacharjee

I want to thank Shannon and Thomas for bringing this to my attention. The pictures of the animals (deer especially for some reason) brought tears to my eyes. It would be interesting to study the brain chemistry at the time of killing and see if it could be compared to studies of soldiers/ serial killers etc. Don't know if it could be done actually, but very interesting and sad too.