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Helping the stray dogs in Bulgaria - a task not for the faint hearted

Helping the stray dogs in Bulgaria - a task not for the faint hearted

Bulgaria has many street dogs who are often subjected to the most horrendous cruelty. They are kicked, beaten and shot on a regular basis for no other reason than that it provides certain individuals with amusement. Many of these dogs are injured, in pain, or starving and in the winter there is a high chance that they will freeze to death. Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is doing all they can and more to help the animals in Bulgaria but the odds are against them and even the municipality is against the rescue. This interview is a sad account about a cruel world where even those who help are not immune to persecution


Lou Lou Freespirit

We must continue to support these people, with Donations or to volunteer..I think it is time in 2014 that Bulgaria starts to see things in a differet way..The world is watching and thins of Bulgaria as such a backward place..Don't they want to have some dignity or respect from other Countries..? Does it have to be this cruel and insane.?And why? There is NO reason to persecute these wonderful people that are there to help these poor suffering Animals..Come on Bulgaria get with the programme and let these people alone to do their valuable work. Why don't you try to be compassionate and kind..? Give it a go, you might like it..How ludicrous you people are..There is only ONE reason I would visit Bulgaria and that would be to visit, Rudozem Street Dog Rescue!!!Get a life Bulgaria and be kind, do you really want to be like the Chinese, who are known for their cruelty to Animals??

Ray Stroud

They're doing a great work and I have adopted one of the dogs that they rescued - a beautiful creature that would have died as a pup as it's siblings did after being dumped in the forest when just two weeks old. If a contact within the EU can be provided I would certainly send a letter to raise the issue.


Hi Ray, unfortunately we don't have a contact we could provide you with. Have shared your comment on my fb page as well. Perhaps someone there can help

Ray Stroud

Thanks :-)


What a terrific family this is, all of them. If only more of us were so unselfish and courageous, the world would be a better place for all animals (human ones too).

But it seems to be the case with people, that when a group or society thinks a certain way and 'outsiders' come in and do something good, it's often taken as a slight, as an insult to the way they do things. So, should we be writing to the municipality in admiration of their local rescue group? ...praising the municipality for leading the way in how to solve the stray dog and cat problem? Or would they see through that?

If the Rowles family can do so much in the face of such opposition and hostility, the least we can do is to be polite in our letters. Sometimes I write a furious email, send it to myself, then try again the next day!

• Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 'Margaret Mead'

Jonathan Field

Fantastic job trying to help these poor animals against such adversity, on all fronts. May things change for the better soon. :)

Radka Panayotova

These people are really needed in Bulgaria. Their job is a great gift to the Bulgarian society. Nevertheless, in this country such people are not wanted, because people here want to be miserable, and they want the same for animals.

Deborah Barclay

amazing couple !! why do some people want to stop these amazing people doing such a great job x