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FREE Tony the truckstop tiger!

FREE Tony the truckstop tiger!

Meet Sky Williamson who tirelessly campaigns for Tony, the truckstop tiger, whose life has been reduced to being a roadside attraction in Louisiana/USA. Tony is almost 11 years old and has spent his entire life being starred at and exposed to loud noise 24/7. For more info check the "free tony the tiger campaign" clips on youtube or contact Sky via her facebook account: - pls listen and share widely!


Sky Williamson

You Got It Sharon. The people that believe it is okay just amaze me!

Sharon McCall

It's not rocket science, people. Tigers do not belong in cages off interstates! FREE TONY!

Eliza Howard

Thank you Thomas for letting Tonys story be told. Tony needs help and fast! !

Thorsten Kassebeer

Thank you,Thomas, for this great support you giving with this interview for Tony!

Karen Deakins

Thank you, Thomas, for providing this opportunity for Tony's story to be presented. Hopefully this interview with Sky will spread and reach out to those who have not heard of Tony's plight and they will join with Sky and many others to be Tony's voice. We cannot give up on this magnificent creature...his life MATTERS.