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Cheetahs - on the brink of extinction

Cheetahs - on the brink of extinction

There has been a long running scheme involving conservation personalities in which the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has unwittingly participated in, involving the capture of cheetahs from national parks and reserves and their relocation into privately owned and run captive facilities, a report carried out by an Australian-based organization, cee4life, reveals.

Wild Time talked to cee4life's very own Sybelle Foxcroft - read the press relase about the cheetah's here:


Dawn Warren Flann

I, and I am sure so many others around the World Did NOT realize how Critical the State of Cheetahs of The Mara are. I am astonished and heart broken that it has got to the point of where it is. If we lose this Incredible Creature, we will have lost a Most Important part of Africa....Thomas it is always a true pleasure to listen to someone like yourself who has dedicated your life to Being a Voice for so many Voiceless that need to be Heard.
To Sybelle my dear friend. You-as I have said so many times are what a True Conservationist is in every form of the Word, and if this World were Graced with more like you, then we would not have not one Creature going Extinct.
I bow down to what you have done to Bring the Plight of the Three Mara Cheetah Cubs to "Light" as well as the remaining 5 that grace the Mara. May this be the Beginning of The Rest of the World now doing their Job to help Protect the Beautiful Cheetahs.
I tip my hat to the Both of you, for all that you do oxo

Eliza Howard

Great interview Sybelle Foxcroft is a true hero and very strong fighter for the precious sentient creatures we are lucky to share the planet with. Thank you Thomas for all you do to advocate so strongly for all creatures.

Regina Marino

When will man realize that once all the forest ,jungles and deserts are gone so will the wonderful creatures that live in them . And once they are gone we will soon follow . We hae to save what is left of these wonderful laces and creatures ,Please.