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Bulgaria - where stray animals are often seen as vermin

Bulgaria - where stray animals are often seen as vermin

“Animals don’t feel pain, they’re vermin … “ is just one of the things that people in Bulgaria have been told all their lives and both the state as well as the media are actively encouriging cruelty and hatred towards stray animals. Indeed, caring for companian animals is so new in Bulgaria that many vets there so far lack the necessary skills to treat them.

How do we know all this? – Well, we talked to a courageous lady who is determined to make a difference for animals in Eastern Europe:

Michelle Jones is co-founder of the K9 Rescue international rescue charity focused on making a difference to the treatment of dogs in Eastern Europe. After moving to Bulgaria in 2005, she soon became heavily involved in rescuing sick and injured street dogs and puppies, re-homing them both locally in Bulgaria and elsewhere in Europe and beyond. She then decided to form K9 Rescue in 2012 to focus on her passion of empowering local independent rescuers.


Lynda N Richard

Dr Litov in Bulgaria and his sweet disabled Borko. Please see the FB page for the recent situation.

Jacqueline Greene

I think it is shameful. No matter what they were told, it was obvious that the animals felt pain by their cries of pain and their body language - cringing, etc. It should also have been obvious that the animals were friendly and that hurting them was wrong! It sounds as if the Bulgarians have been raised to be brutal, mindless, and uncaring, except for the brave few that have tried to help at their own risk. God bless the too few who have come to the animals' aid.


Yes, this is about a corrupt and lazy government that is more concerned about self-serving than serving its people. What is needed is education at primary school level, on up to those local authorities and police departments. But also the laws must be enforced and those who do commit atrocities on any animals, strays or otherwise, should be punished accordingly. But how will any of this happen if the government shirks responsibility? The EU should play a role in this and demand its member countries respect animals and show compassion and humanity. The EU must be about more than economics! We should not boycott travel to countries like Bulgaria, because outside influences help change attitudes. How about some organising of groups, animal advocate travel groups? Meet local AR groups there for advice. I am pleased to hear this being addressed in this interview. We can still write to the Tourist Bureau and voice our disgust at the cruelty, but if I was a stray dog in Bulgaria I would want animal rights advocates to visit....

Suzy Pearson

I listened to the radio show 106.8 with

Michelle Jones, co-founder of the K9 Rescue,

pertaining to animal abuse & care in Bulgaria.

"Borko" the sweet little hanicapped dog who

was beaten & later a video showing a man

eating him with a bat. I found the show very

interesting & agreed with some of the

subjects. First, the Bristish media who

support cruelty of dogs, that filmed this cruel act, is horrible. Being

the media, I would assume they have some

education, so why are they acting like

retards, evil animal hating people. These

animals are created by GOD, just like we are,

& they do feel pain, hurt, love. I have read

that we humans evolved from apes, which are

animals, then we humans are killing apart of

us. Testing, research on rats, monkeys, etc

is not right, cruel. As far as "Borko" & his

owner,the Dr., on the radio show they

mentioned that some people who abused "Borko"

& others did not like the Dr. treating

patients inside his house....OH, Give Me A

Break....what excuses! The government of

Bulgaria needs to open their eyes, & correct

animal abuse & help rescue these strays.

Spay/neuter the animals & the population would

decline, just common sense. Also, I hope the

coward/cowards who abused the puppy & beat

him, is found & punished severly. This is a

show of a coward/bullies, the only way they

can look like a man is to beat & hurt animals.

Scumbags, not just in Bulgaria, but all over

the world. Vets need to be trained to

spay/neuter & go into the villages, as they

are called, to do this. Then all will be

happy. Please, we have to Stop Animal/Farm


Joanne Manelli

An animal is a sentient being and anyone who thinks that they don't feel pain are the real vermin, not the strays. What a twisted culture!

Rosa Aguirre-Sweet

Hoping someone from Greece Exposed page, finds this, the same thing in happening in Greece, and needs much exposure also, and in Spain, and many other countries......

Jessica Campos

What these people need to learn is that every animal has feelings or else they wouldn't be living !!! They at least need to respect these animals and stop bothering them!! It is not fair to the poor strays!! This needs to stop !!!

Dale Westwood

Hello Bulgaria, I'm from England and yes I'm sickened by all forms of animal abuse! I understand your culture is not focused on humanity towards animals.
When the world was formed animals were on this earth before humans, they all deserve our respect and protection. GANDHI said, I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man. It would be wonderful for your country to adopt this way of thinking. Please think about it. Thank you for reading.

Ana Pavlova

I am from Bulgaria and I can say there are many young people that do care and help strays, but unfortunately those that want to hurt them seem to prevail. And it is true that the media mostly shows stories about aggressive strays, but avoids showing stories of strays being terribly abused by people. It is very sad, but I believe the people that care will grow in number. It is also very encouraging that we got help from abroad. This is truly wonderful and many people are very thankful for that.

Elke Zahn
Elke Zahn

A very disgusting and horrible situation for strays in a barbaric country like Bulgaria. The wicked rotten system in this country is really creating Human Monsters....Its so much cruelty against innocent animals in this country it is a great shame for Bulgaria......I would never visit a country like this.....Teach the people over there to show Respect and Compassion for Strays and maybe the world will have another point of view.....right now its country full of animal abuse and killing and too many ignorant people!