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Bestiality (Parental discretion advised)

Bestiality (Parental discretion advised)

How do you tackle something that nobody wants to know about? Wild Time spoke to Lana Kozarevic about "bestiality", which is still legal in some countries and what we can all do to make it stop.!/profile.php?id=100001582498826&sk=wall (Lana on Facebook)



As a life-long student on the facts and myths of zoosexuality, I must correct some statements made during this podcast... 1st - you claimed that because 'animal brothels' exist in some countries, that makes you believe that there are no consensual interspecies relationships. This could not be further from the truth and in fact the vast majority of zoosexuals are engaging in loving, consensual sex with their animal partners.

Yes, there have been times and places where people have gone to brothels of animals just as there are times and places where humans have gone to human brothels but most people are intelligent to realize that this doesn't make all human-human sex an act of rape!

I was going to correct you for your inaccurate statement that there was pornography featuring women with animals but no discussion of it, but it seems to me that your guest speaker cleared that issue up for you. Check to ensure that safe-search is off when you scour the web for information and attempt using different keywords if the ones you are using don't get results. Trust me, it is very easy to find the websites if only one knows where to look, and going on one will often grant you the URLs of others...

Furthermore you made the statement that someone cannot walk up to a donkey and ask for sex and get a reply using words, but if true language were the requirement for consent then by your standards no one would be permitted to have sex with humans who cannot speak. Yes those individuals are rare, but they do exist, and they have the right to a sex life just as much as any speaking person does. So how would one communicate with a person who is mute? Or who is deaf? The same way that they would communicate with animals! Using sounds, touch, and visually assessing the communication of the other person through body language: whether they smile or grimace, press against the touching hand or shy away from it... this is really quite basic.

Another incorrect statement from yourself and your co-host/guest was the assumption that zoosexuals "have to hold" their animal partners still in order to have sex with them, which is not even remotely the case. A quick viewing of any ArtofZoo movie will make it very clear that the animals are eager, take an active role, and are not restrainted for sex. They approach the women with great enthusiasm and penetrate them of their own accord.

From what I have heard on this show, it seems as though you aren't putting much (if any) time or effort into your research.

Bea V Elliott

Of course it is rape... But all the animal industries utilize the reproductive and sexual components of nonhumans. The whole premise of "husbandry" for "food" exploits and rapes as common practice. This fact about flesh production has to be addressed as the rape that it truly is - regardless of the justifications society may try to give. Our culture has to acknowledge that it rapes as a matter of constant habit. Calling some acts as sexual "deviance" makes it seem that it's "okay" to rape for utility - And that's certainly not right either.

On the other hand... There are those instances still as in Indonesia where a cow was drowned after she was raped and feared to have been impregnated by her assailant. Nothing like killing the victim to ease the guilt of the wrong doer:

It's all rape. And it's all terribly, terribly wrong.

Roger Yates

Criminologist Piers Beirne has written on this subject - - Interspecies sexual assault is a difficult issue for non-vegan animal welfarists because, in terms of physically large animals, this form of other animal use does not kill them, whereas eating them, for example, does.