No Fakin DJ's - Kwinzola - Friends & Family Mix

No Fakin DJ's - Kwinzola - Friends & Family Mix

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No Fakin DJ's - Kwinzola - Friends & Family Mix

2011 marked a decade of Vibrations events. We celebrated by posting mixes by some of our favourite residents and guests over the years.

This mix is by Kwinzola from one of our favourite guests - the No Fakin DJ's. After being blown away by them at the Garden Festival in Croatia, we knew they'd tear the roof off Hendre Hall. They did exactly that in September 2008 and we're really excited to offer this chance to hear Kwinzola's Friends & Family Promo Mix -

"Put together for Friends & Family in the summer of 2006 using just 2 Turntables, 1 Mixer, in 1 take, ALL VINYL...No ableton, no Serato, no Software, no Editing. Just one man and his records. This mix was pressed to limited CD and given to Fat City members and has never been available for download. Now here it is for our friends at Vibrations ... 60 Minutes of Funk Flavour to get the party started right!"


Playing tracks by Ohio Players, The Roots, Maimouna Youssef, Marc Mac & Visioneers, Nightmares On Wax, Channel Two and more.



Yeah baby. Bringing back memories of classic F&F Kro BBQs and Saturday sessions at the roadhouse. xx