Sonar Soul - Watch Me!

Sonar Soul - Watch Me!

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Sonar Soul - Watch Me!

I present you with a mix which depicts a journey through the most astonishing and outstanding stage of my life. The period when I indulged in copying cassettes provided by my mates from Berlin, listened to Rozglosnia Harcerska, read initial issues of Machina and watched Viva Zwei. All of these enabled me to traverse the magical world of electronic music. The set comprises twenty tracks, which, in my case, had a strong shaping effect music-wise. Moreover, I associate them with mini-film masterpieces i.e. their video representations. The prominence is given to Michel Gondry, my personal videoart guru and a genius of master-shots. Accompanying him in my 'most creative and stylish short-video producer ranking' is Spike Jonze. Besides Gondry and Jonze the set includes a number of songs which are the result of collaborative effort in the field of video-making. This superior lot here is deeply engraved on my mind as the ideal examples of a videoclip.


Playing tracks by Morcheeba, Cibo Mato, RONI SIZE/REPREZENT , Breakbeat Era, Massive Attack and more.



Sehr geiler Mix! :D