Edgar Bąk - Terrestrial Is An Example Of The Cosmic

Edgar Bąk - Terrestrial Is An Example Of The Cosmic

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Edgar Bąk - Terrestrial Is An Example Of The Cosmic

I remember it had all begun a bit before Viva Zwei. One day back then I got a VHS to record some metal music show broadcast on some music channel. Thing is, I didn't set the VCR properly and it ended up recording something entirely different from what I'd intended. One Saturday morning, accompanied by my parents, I watched the tape. The video depicted someone picking up the phone receiver, shot by shot, loop by loop...for 6 minutes. My dad set out to mend the tv and I already knew at that point that guitar music was essentially a dead-end. I became aware of some parallel universe.

In a nutshell – exposing myself to hours of recorded videos I decided to take up graphic design studies. It was predominantly determined by the desire to communicate with others by means of the same emotional content I myself had experienced at that time.

The aforementioned prophetic video – Ring Ring by Kotai – is included in the tracklist. Enjoy!



Playing tracks by Sensorama, Ultramarine, ROBERT ARMANI, Dom, KEN ISHII and more.



haha die guten alten zeiten die videos bei housefrau und co mitgeschnitten

Peter Novak

god bless viva II :) I have nice collection of viva II viedo clips too


Whoa, ale początek, miłość

Rabid Gravy

Nice one! Thanks for sharing :)