The One Where We Talk Vinyl?

The One Where We Talk Vinyl?

1 year ago
The One Where We Talk Vinyl?

The One Where We Talk Vinyl?
Mr C welcomes a real live professor and global journalist, Larry Jaffee.
Larry is a self-confessed VHS & Vinyl hoarder, who's inspirational quote is from Albert Einstein, "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." which means he fits into the UYC ethos perfectly.
Larry is the author of the 2022 book Record Store Day: The Most Improbable Comeback of the 21st Century and co-founded in 2017 Making Vinyl a networking conference dedicated to the global rebirth of the record manufacturing industry.
An Anglophile, Jaffee for 25 years published 100 issues of the Walford Gazette, dedicated to EastEnders, a cult show in the US, resulting in two books available on Amazon, Albert Square & Me: The Actors of EastEnders (2009), and Walford State of Mind (2011).
When not crate-digging, Jaffee teaches writing on the university level.


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