Uhrlaut Podcast 004 - Yngvesin

Uhrlaut Podcast 004 - Yngvesin

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Uhrlaut Podcast 004 - Yngvesin
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In this fourth opus of the Uhrlaut Podcast we are proud to feature Yngvesin aka. Yngve Brækka Stensaker on the wheels of steel. Yngvesin hails from the the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia, specifically the city of Bodø in Norway, but settled years ago in Aalborg, Denmark, from where he has built his creative portfolio spanning music (both dj'ing and producing) and visual arts in many shapes and forms.
Yngvesin is also a year-long stalwart on the Uhrlaut crew, where he produces many of the stunning artworks of our vinyl releases, and he is furthermore an integral part of the Uhrlaut dj-crew.
For this podcast he has put together a delightful, eclectic mix of a broad range of electronic music from electro over house to esoteric detroit techno, which highlights his elegant taste in electronic music of all breeds. Enjoy!


Playing tracks by Link, Michna, Soul Oddity, Bionic Dog, Dillinja & Batmix and more.

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