TGOS Ep1 - Special guest: Meegan Worcester

TGOS Ep1 - Special guest: Meegan Worcester

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TGOS Ep1 - Special guest: Meegan Worcester

The first episode of TGOS is finally up!
New poems from Meegan and Emily who both sent in their wonderful pieces of creative writing, thank you both so much!

Special guest: Meegan Worcester
Theme: Identity
Pieces discussed:
Deserted Identity (5:23), 5Ks OF MY MOTHER’S GOLDEN TEMPLE (13:01) - Meegan Worcester,
Suburban Prayer (20:50), Little One (23:00), Ms. Dionysus (24:34) - Emily Win
Roy's speech Act One Scene 9 - Tony Kushner (31:15)
Home - Zia Ahmed (36:06)
Coconut Oil - Caleb Femi (42:25)
Archaic Torso of Apollo - Rilke (Trans. by Stephen Mitchell)(49:23)
Funeral of the Authentic Muslim Woman - Suhaima Manzoor-khan (53:25)

Apologies for some clunky editing and volume problems; had two mics between the three of us and had to edit down a lot of content into an hour because we were chatting for so long! Hopefully our skills improve as the series goes on. Enjoy!