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pSylus@Earthfest Psytrance05182012-地球革命戶外電子音樂季

[email protected] Psytrance05182012-地球革命戶外電子音樂季

Playing tracks by

DarkShiRe, Space Shaman, Dr. Zabay, Paraforce, Dream Visioner and more.

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This session is available for download at the following link : from Taiwan is one of the pioneer DJs of Trance Bass and started experimenting with Trance mixing only recently. With little experience under his belt, pSylu? still has a wealth of talent to counter this handicap. He prefers to connect different visual sensations via music in his mind and makes the connection to conduct the scenario with his mix. To find out more about him, please search on mixcloud, soundcloud or facebook and you won't be disappointed.

Earthefest的新面孔- Cy!us aka pSylu?於2011年開始DJ, 並在當年受邀成為Trance Bass的成員之一. 身為Cyluspace World創始者的他喜歡嘗試不同 的音樂風格感覺, 並在試著體會出每段音樂的畫面之後將其連接起來,以電影紀錄般的聯覺嘗試各種混音變化. 喜好灰階旋律的pSylu?抱持著『看得見音樂, 聽得到畫面』這樣的精神與大家分享電子音樂的各種美好.



excellent mix

Trance Bass

Real great to have you guys onboard enjoying the music :-) .....Pink panther on the decks sounds cool ;-)

North SB
North SB

Really great :))


Yeah, Pink Panther. Or at lease a very similar tune.