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  • 1 year ago
Train To The Invisible City: Invisible Sounds East (Threads*LOURES) - 21-May-20

Train To The Invisible City: Invisible Sounds East (Threads*LOURES) - 21-May-20

This time we decided to make a show consisting of some of the countless records we have lying around from Eastern Europe; Russia of course and then from Estonia down to Romania, visiting Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia in-between. Starting with up to the minute electronics, spending some time with the synth epics of the 80s and then diving into the psychey-rocky past. Illustrated with a photo taken by Lizatron’s brother of their home town in the late 80s.

Listen to Threads* at

Listen to Threads* at


Idle Rich
Idle Rich

My Automata - Sonic Coven (Russia)
Гласность - Кооператив/Glasnost – Kooperative (Russia)
Zodiac – Mysterious Galaxy (Latvia)
Ритмическая Гимнастика - Сафари (Н.Соколов)/ Rhytmic Gymnastics Safari (N. Sokolov) (Russia)
PR Computer – Helyszini Birsag (Hungary)
Пульс 1 А. Родионов "В гостях у Нептуна" (плавание)/ Pulse 1 A Rodionov 'At Neptune's House' (swimming) (Russia)
Рацкевич Песни, Мысли./Ratskevich – Songs, Thoughts (Russia)
Rodion GA – Citadela (Romania)
Александр Градский Вы жертвою/Alexander Gradski – You Fell Victim (extract) (Russia)
Khidja – Mustafa and Abdul (Romania)
Delusion Men and Steaue de Mare – Calator (Romania)
Э Артемьев Огонь/ E Artemiev – Fire (Russia)
E Artemiev – Solaris part XVII (Russia)
Jozef Skrzek – Katarsis (Poland)
Kino – Hey You, You Better Keep Walking (Russia)
Kooli-Prii – Paikeselaik (Estonia)
Джунгли - Весна в Шанхае/Jungle – Spring in Shanghai (Russia)
Katarzyna Gartner, Czerwono-Czarni – Kyrie (Poland)
Mefisto - I’m Coming Home Baby (Czechoslovakia)
Ансамбль Мелодия Лабиринт/Melodiya Ensemble – Labyrinth (Russia)
Plastic People of the Universe – Magicke Noci (Czechoslovakia)
Krzysztof Klenczon – Piosenka O Niczym (Poland)
Piramis - A Fénylő Piramisok Árnyékában (Hungary)
Usaco – Emancipator (Latvia)
My Automata - Грязная личность/A Dirty Personality (Russia)
НХА Песня о тревожной молодости/NHA Song of Anxious Youth (Russia)