Animist & Experimental w/ Asto (Threads*CONDESA) - 04-Aug-19

Animist & Experimental w/ Asto (Threads*CONDESA) - 04-Aug-19

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Animist & Experimental w/ Asto (Threads*CONDESA) - 04-Aug-19
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What is the place of sacred music in a modern society, and what is the place of artistic experimentation today? These questions were in mind when the tracks were produced and compiled for that show. Two radically different musical spheres are presented there, one which is the spontaneous meetings of skilled and creative musicians, with the objective of producing experimental music with no limitation of style or aesthetic obligations, and the other which is the music played at a very specific moment in the Afrocuban religion called Santeria or during a « Rumba ». These questions were not asked from a sociological or philosophical point of view, but from an artistic one, without looking for answers but with the idea of creating a context where different aesthetics can be placed side by side. This context is Animist & Experimental radio show, which is the perfect support for such interrogations.

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