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TRPH- Teresa Reed on The 7 States Technology and Human Trafficking

TRPH- Teresa Reed on The 7 States Technology and Human Trafficking

Activist, Informant, researcher, and whistleblower nexus Teresa Reed Gives the skinny on most of the most important NWO fraudulent schemes of seizing power and control by way of illegal covert technology and corrupt bureaucracy.


Crystal Starheart

I have been targeted for ongoing illegal entries, burglaries, vandalism, pet torture and poisoning. I have been exposed to chemical, drug or biological agent(s), in June 2016, which led to the development of a condition diagnosed as Microscopic Polyangiitis, characterized by rare blood antibodies. I have also found light yellowish powder in and around water containers and a light yellowish substance smeared on a shirt while I was asleep/unconscious. My hair began falling out and breaking off and I thought someone had done something to my hair as well as poison me. I found out that I was positive for GHB in hair testing of some of the hair that I had left.

Levamisole is one drug that causes my rare, incurable blood disease and I found out from researching information that it is used to "cut" other drugs with in trafficking operations and it is in 70% of the cocaine trafficked in this country -- but do you think the police will do anything about this????

I had a hip injury of unknown origin, when I woke up in June 2017, which caused me so much pain I got pulmonary embolisms from my immobility due to the severe pain in walking.

I have lost my health and tens of thousands of dollars of property in thefts and damages as well as the loss of my cat through death from cancer, after he has been abused by some of these psychopaths. The government is corrupt and the law enforcement agencies run protection for the criminals in Washington state. There aren't any social, civil or constitutional rights organizations that will help targeted individuals like myself. The only thing people can do is publicize the criminal operations and corruption in our Federal and local governments.