The Fused Wireless Programme - 21.21

The Fused Wireless Programme - 21.21

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The Fused Wireless Programme - 21.21

The Fused Wireless Programme

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Tx 21.21

Fused goes out on Artefaktor Radio every Thursday from 7pm (UK).

Join the chat on The Fused Wireless Programme Artefaktor Radio Group - chat thread appearing prior to broadcast on Thursday.

Full Playlist & Mixcloud player on the Fused Blog & Archive site, plus submission information and advice:


Playing tracks by Laberation, Denuit, Post Yoga, M73, Cold Connection and more.



Samurai - Laberation
Crooked Tree - Denuit
Bison - Post Yoga
Empty - M73
Trocadero (Patrik Kambo Remix) - Cold Connection
Footsteps of Angels - G.H.T
The City Has You Back (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix) -
Another Woman's Crime - Dark-O-Matic
To the Moon and Back (Elektronnoe Oblako Remix) - Purple Fog Side & Elsehow
Artificial - Bara Hari
Mothman - Fear Incorporated
Making The World Great Again - Piston Damp
Wicked Thing - Megan McDuffee
Telekinesis - Oblique
Manaka - Disrupted Being
The Fence - Into the Blood
All I Ever Know (Tempers Remix) - Clan of Xymox
Hypnotize - FM Attack
We Belong To The Sun (Nordika Remix) - Die Braut
Pretender (feat. Maysa / Device Noize Club Remix) - Psy'aviah
Gotta Let You Go (HANNS Extended Remix) - Sonic One
Icarus - Shiny Darkness
Girls Like Me (Special K Mix) - Lucia Cifarelli
Still Dancing - Operation Blue Eyes
Riding the Storm - Raindancer
And So We Walked - Frankie&RikiAbi
Reanimated - Tonebox
Move - Portion Control
Stateside - The New Division
The Sinner - Death Loves Veronica
Erde (Mother Earth) - Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx
Nemesis (Siva Six Remix) - DV8R
Beauty Is Terror (Interface Remix) - Stoneburner
Primate Response - Black Dahlia
Alphapussy - Pixel Grip
Die Kassette - Privat
Format The World - Dead Lights
Invading Executioner (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix) - Hakai
Color That Land Red (Aether Pilot remix) - Planetdamage
Greed (Blue Ant Mix) - Sapphira Vee
Boji - Laibach
Fireball - Don Spencer