Soylent Green - No Escape

Soylent Green - No Escape

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Soylent Green - No Escape
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No room for Bandcamp links this time, but you can find them on the Wyrd Daze blog:
Some amazing albums here, please do check them out!

01 Hawkwind - Master of the Universe (Welcome to the Future) (Live)
02 Cursebitten - A Great Journey of Great Hardship
03 Bo Hansson - Leaving Shire
04 Eternal Champion - The Godblade / Banners of Arhai
05 Fogweaver - Farther West than West
06 Keith Seatman - Farthings Chase
07 Timechild - Where I Now Belong
08 Lying Cat - …a soft demon
09 Conqueror's Mourn - For a time, bathing only in the waterfall
10 Hällas - Labyrinth of Distant Echoes
11 Sunken Grove - Tumbling Banks of Bramble and Stone
12 Fen Walker - Within the Dark Country
13 Ontrothon, Saga of the Ancient Glass - Roots of Samuth