The Sound Lab - Episode 372

The Sound Lab - Episode 372

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The Sound Lab - Episode 372

The Sound Lab Radio Show featuring Interviews with John Rhino Edwards (Status Quo), Sugar Horse, Cherym, Haggard Cat & Ithaca plus a Live Session from Viruette!

Karen Harding - Wild Wild Water
The Struts - Pretty Vicious
We Three - Dancing In The Dark
John Rhino Edwards - Can't Count Me Out
Issermann - Ricochet
Half Happy - Say This Twice
She Burns Red - Heavy Is The Head
Sugar Horse - III - Consequences
AF90 - Buy My Art Before I Die
Mexican Dogs - Hold On
Cherym - Do It Another Day
Follow Son - Compassion
Love Is Enough - 1 In 4
Noahfinnce - Scumbag
Two Year Break - Unoriginal
Rozell - Closer (Feat. Jvzel & Zach Sorgen)
Haggard Cat - Quit Your Jobs
Dewar - The Show Is Never Over
Casey McQuillen - The One
JUNO - Everything I Need
Stay For Tomorrow - Pick Me Up
Samira - Toxic
KSS - My Soul
Galaxy Thief - Last Chance


Playing tracks by Karen Harding, The Struts, We Three, JOHN RHINO EDWARDS, John Rhino Edwards and more.

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Well Done Jim! Another Amazing Lineup!