Orange Factory series pt6 (2010-2012)

Orange Factory series pt6 (2010-2012)

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Orange Factory series pt6 (2010-2012)
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Part 6 of the Orange Factory series, songs from bands that played concerts at Sojo or Het Depot between 2010 and 2012, with first time shows by Circle, Fatso Jetson, Earth, Mono, My Brother the Wind, Mudhoney, Lonely Kamel, Morkobot, Premonition13, Ramesses, Sungrazer, The Machine, The Flying Eyes and Sleepy Sun

Also on the playlist some of our regulars who came by several times: Ufomammut, Yawning Man, Rotor, White Hills, Monkey3, Wino, Karma To Burn, Hypnos 69, Anekdoten and Siena Root!

Poster artwork by Malleus!



Playing tracks by Ufomammut, Earth, Circle, Mudhoney, Yawning Man and more.

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