Orange Factory series pt5 (2007-2009)

Orange Factory series pt5 (2007-2009)

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Orange Factory series pt5 (2007-2009)
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It took a while, ahem, but here’s Part 5 of the Orange Factory series, a playlist with bands that performed live on stage for us between 2007 and 2009, with memorable first visits by Blue Cheer, White Hills, Solace, Anekdoten, Year Long Disaster, Leaf Hound, Highway Child, Ten East, My Sleeping Karma, Dead Man and Øresund Space Collective!

And more songs from bands that by the end of noughties had come to visit twice or trice like Baby Woodrose, Motorpsycho, Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra, Orange Goblin, The Hidden Hand, Witchcraft, Los Natas, Farflung, Monkey3, Hypnos 69, Wheel of Smoke, SardoniS and 4 times like Karma To Burn and Siena Root, or 7 times as Brant Bjork did, or 8 times like Colour Haze!


Playing tracks by Brant Bjork, Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra, Hypnos 69, Year Long Disaster, Solace and more.

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