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  • 3 years ago
Episode 324(Give Me A Million Dollars Dan)

Episode 324(Give Me A Million Dollars Dan)

Episode 324 (Give Me A Million Dollars Dan) Features Music from Static Fiction, Ferris and The Wheels, The Chimpz, Firebug, Jim Von Stein, Dharma Child, Glossyeyed Loony, Jon Worley and The Cornbred Blues Band, Jonathan New, Against All Will, and More!


Jim Von Stein

Josh you are killing me with your Baby skills,,, bleach his balls,,, dude he's already feeling the pain of living in a diaper,,, glad, things are rolling along,,, Jason, (MY SON) said he'd help you do hosting chores if you need, I guess you could POD-CAST if you wanted,,, just throwing the idea up to you. This is strictly you and his choice,, but I mentioned to him, and he thought that it would be cool. Remember, everything is up to you, but Jason is personable and accustom to being in front of people and dealing entertainment out to them as well. I appreciate you playing my tunes , you should make it big ,my friend, you've got that special (IT) you are funny and have outstanding timing and fresh quick humor, keep it up . Dan, is a formation individual with smart humor and old underwear! LOL hug the little one for me, (NOT YOUR PECKER DUDE) and say hi to the wife. I've been busy dealing with some health issues, so I've not been on the internet as often as I was, but I am doing better! take care of yourself while you're young, or you pay for it later! LOL,,,,, I agree with your stand on drug abuse and freedoms that we have, all should have their own choices, as long as they don't affect others. Now, that Donkeys banging ducks thing, sounds quacky, it is enough I once saw my ugly neighbors doing the deed in their yard, I got rid of my binoculars the very next day LOL,,,,, I'm kidding,,,, I kept my binoculars LOL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was born on FRIDAY the 13th ,of February, Mom said, at least I didn't screw up Valentines Day, so I'm not very lucky either. My wife of 42 years, was born on September 11 (9/11) I guess I screw her in more than one way LOL (missionary, and many others too, along with her birthday as well) great show as usual you guys pulled off another fine entertainment product. keep it up!!!!! peace out!!!!!

The Josh Ayers Show

Jim you are the best! I would love to kick it with Jason on the show some!!! I hugged the wrong little one. I got excited and jumped at the chance before I read the last of you sentence! I will hug the other guy too, but I will clean myself first!