The Sky Sang - mixed by Helix [3/06]

The Sky Sang - mixed by Helix [3/06]

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The Sky Sang - mixed by Helix [3/06]
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Duration: 1h:19m:21.346s

The Sky Sang begins with an organic and somewhat dark and upbeat experience, moves to a bit of psychedelic, and transitions to and ends with euphoric chillout. A broken beat abounds throughout with smatterings of Spanish guitar. The mix progression
and inclusion of some vocals is a departure from my usual style. The Sky Sang is harmonically mixed.


Playing tracks by Juno Reactor, Friends, Lovers and Family, Kalumet, Bliss, Shpongle and more.



Thank you thank you thank you as well... This is over 3 years later, had your mix for a long time. Felt the need to listen on another un-downloaded source. Thank you.

Nick Lacatusu

With this mix I discovered your awesome work. I listened to it about 9177481917638 times and that's rounding it down and no exageration (ok maybe a bit). First heard it on DigitallyImported radio and tracked down the playlist to find your website a while later. Shared it with many friends and they also looked into your other stuff. By far my favorite mix of yours up to now and I haven't heard them all yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!