No Statik At All #1 - Chica Paula

No Statik At All #1 - Chica Paula

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No Statik At All #1 - Chica Paula
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Música pocas veces escuchada y algunas canciones de otro espacio.

Producido por Chica Paula.


Playing tracks by Paula Schopf, Julia Holter, Holly Herndon, Ursula Bogner, Johanna Knutson and more.

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    3rd in the electroacoustic Chart

    3rd in the electroacoustic Chart


Chica Paula's Archive

No Statik At All 1 NR: 1 PLAYLIST SEPT:2022

1. Espacios en Soledad: Paula Schopf (excerpt)
2. So Lillies: Julia Holter
3. Control Sample: Holly Herndon
4. Committee: Soundtrack by Pink Floyd
5. Ilusorische Planeten: Ursula Bogner
6. Apikal: Johanna Knutson
7. Luc Ferrari: Unheimlich Schön
8. Onskeboden: Johanna Knutson
9. De Planetarium Influxu: Ursula Bogner
10. My Love: Mimsy
11. What Ever Falls: Natalie Beridze
12. Fish in The Afternoon : Hanno Karlajanen
13. Oh, Why: Balam Acab


Very nice Mix indeed !! good music , interesting to listening mean time preparing " Mouclade charentaise" Thank you it was a fantastic diner