Fair_Play Mix #15 - Fair_Play

Fair_Play Mix #15 - Fair_Play

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Fair_Play Mix #15 - Fair_Play
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Es una mezcla especial que incluye algunas de las pistas de las compilaciones 1 y 2 de Fair_Play en Bandcamp. Durante los últimos 3 años, el trabajo de más de 300 artistas ha sido un trabajo de amor ... Los beneficios de estas compilaciones se destinan a crear herramientas de visibilidad y distribución para les artistes. Producido por la plataforma
Comisioned by Finnish sound artist Sirpa Jokinen. The aim of these curated playlists is to explore new niches and local networks to enhance their visibility.


Playing tracks by Heta Bilaletdin, Minna-Kaisa Kallinen, LauNau, Aloes, Marja Ahti and more.



A playlist curated by Finnish sound artist Sirpa Jokinen for Fair_Play and Teslafm
0.00 - 8.52 Heta Bilaletdin: Noux buckets / snäx / ghost backwards / Anaksa
8.56-12.36 Minna-Kaisa Kallinen : kohmeiset sormet jättävät jäljen ikkunaan …..in English: fingers stiff from cold leave a trace on a window
12.44-22.44 LauNau: The Edge of Dwelling
22.56-32.45 Aloes: The Road
32.56-45.36Marja Ahti: Coastal Inversion
45.44-51.28Ana Gutieszca: Sound of Beasts, Elephant Howling
51.36-58.53 Sirpa Jokinen: Silence Please (Pantheon in Rain)
Heta Bilaletdin is an artist working with multiple techniques: animation, installation, soundscapes and experimental music. Utilizing samplers, vocals, field sounds, found objects, guitar and electronics, she creates abstract audio arrangements, musique concrete and unexpected pop. Loops & spell-like repetition are an important core of her practice.
Minna-Kaisa Kallinen works in many fields of arts. Her interest is in everyday matters and how they change their meaning and offer new interpretations when taken in new situations.
Lay Nau works using both acoustic and electronic instruments, from traditional instruments and singing voice to analogue synthesisers and field recordings. While her songs are luminous, melancholic pieces of experimental chamber folk music, her scores for films and sound installations are experimental studies of sound, journeys to audible pulsations and spectres.
Laura Naukkarinen
ALOES creates atmospheric soundscapes with pop-melodies, vocals and occasional crude beats that interact with live generated images. Through their custom software and self-built instruments, they play with compositions of ambient structures, melodic elements, voice, landscape and particle-based visuals. New media artist Alex van Giersbergen and sound artist Marloes van Son (born in NL, based in Helsinki) combine efforts in this audiovisual collaboration.
Bio: Marja Ahti (b. 1981) is a Swedish-Finnish sound artist and composer based in Turku, Finland. Ahti works with field recordings and other acoustic sound material combined with synthesizers and electronic feedback in order to find the space where these sounds start to mimic each other or communicate.
Ana Gutieszca (MX) is a visual and sound artist that sculpts the unfathomable boundaries of drawing through the creation of analog instruments, the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art.
Sound performances of Sirpa Jokinen are layered sound experiments made with synthesizers she has built herself, field recordings, objects and various instruments like keyboard, gong and symbals.
She also sometimes includes vocals.
Installation works of Sirpa Jokinen are experiments to find alternative ways to reproduce sound, they are searches for literal reference and making sculptural environments.
Her sound-works are based on field-recordings. They are about human presence through narration in an acoustical space and the soundscape in this situation.
The aim of the curated playlists is to explore new niches and local networks to enhance their visibility.