Culture as a Dare - 24.7.22

Culture as a Dare - 24.7.22

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Culture as a Dare - 24.7.22

Emma returns this week with a hot, sticky, and sometimes pretty tasteless mix of tunes for you blast out of your car window.


Playing tracks by Pharoah Sanders, Elizabeth Joan Kelly vs The Burning Trestle, Polypores vs Crisp Packet Jackets, Hot Roddy, A Starving Viking and more.



Noise for Bliss - Hard Times We Live In, But We're Doing Well Well
Hardoff - Snogging Horsies
Thee Crumb - Consigned To The Deep
Kitchen Cynics - Do Not Call The Doctor
Graeme Miller & Steve Shill - Partytime
Night Recordings from Bali - Night Lotus Pool
Räven Musen - Ceramic Hearts
Breakdown Benjamin - Backlit
Brine & Goblins - Vladsawarpig
Ash Cooke & Phil Jenkins - Hard To Be A God
Pulco - Grapes
VARIÁT - There's Lots of Light Leaking All Over
Antoine Loyer & Mégalodons malades - Morgane
The Doomed Bird of Providence - A Snake Charmer Killed St Kilda Show Tragedy
Helena Celle - What's Really Going Wrong (3D Printer Mix)
Kai Whiston feat Pussy Riot - Q
Santa Sprees - To See July In Mirror & Mirror
Powder Echo - Spring light
Nikolaienko - A3 The Ancient Musical Complex Of Mammoth Bones
Toxic Chicken- The Unknown Rockstar
Mood Taeg - Konkord (Vera Version)
Ken Moore, Damon Nobles & Walt Shaw - Wholesome Barons
HVAD - Inner Hurricane Triggered
Cavetown - Boys Will Be Bugs