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Know How... 242: AquaVase Part II

Know How... 242: AquaVase Part II

We finish part II of our hydroponic vase using LEDs and a 3D printed stand.

Project Overview
We're adding decorative LED lights to our AquaVase Parts List * These parts aren't necessary for the operation of HydroVase, but they ARE cool and geeky! :)
1. WS2812 SMD Strips
2. Arduino
3. Voltage Regulator
4. 26-30 AWG Silicone Wire
5. Heat Shrink Tubing

Tools List
1. 3D Printer
2. Soldering Kit
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Screwdrivers
5. Pliers

** All the STL files can be found at:

Segment Summary
We're designing a 3D object that can hold our 5" Vase and the electronics to illuminate the bottom.

Interesting Design Features of the AquaVase_Base1. The bottom panel is 2MM thick and the shell is between 2-3mm
2. The stands for the aluminum square tubes are 2-3mm thick and are supported by the bottom panel & their connection to the lower vase ring
3. There are curved buildouts on either side of the lower vase ring that will h