DJ Marky Guest Mix for THUMP

DJ Marky Guest Mix for THUMP

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DJ Marky Guest Mix for THUMP
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When it comes to D&B names don't get bigger than DJ Marky. For the past 20 years or so, the Brazillian big man's been thrilling crowds from Bangkok to Brisbane with his signature brand of hi-octane rattlers and wooshing bass-heavy rollers.

He's also been a lovely dinner companion to THUMP in the past so when he offered us an exclusive mix—a tantalizing taste of what anyone spending their NYE at the RAM party at the Brixton Academy, where he'll be playing alongside Sub Focus, High Contrast and more—we nearly bit his hand off.

We obviously didn't do that because we have a modicum of restraint and self-respect, so you can enjoy the mix below safe in the knowledge that Marky's still got both hands. We're all winners!


Playing tracks by Break, Version and HMP.


Misses No

great mix, respect;)

Joaquín Oreña

min 10... its everithing, bb

Jose Rocha

45:50 -> Dimension - Uk


Tune at 27:00?? thx

eXswitch | Heavy Signal

Tune ID at 7:02 anyone?


marky completely ripping shit up dope ass mix