SE Minimix 25 - Padraic E. Moore

SE Minimix 25 - Padraic E. Moore

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SE Minimix 25 - Padraic E. Moore
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From what we know about Padraic E. Moore we can tell you this; he is a lover. He is a champion of the arts and its effort to illuminate and alleviate the human condition. He is a curator, a writer and a thinker, as curious as he is curio, with a natural capacity for concern and care that is as indiscriminate as it is encompassing. The rest you'll have to glean from a listen to his mix and a read from the short piece he wrote on his selections on the Synth Eastwood website. From there who knows. Perhaps you could give him a shout on twitter if you need any moore.


Playing tracks by David Bowie, O.M.D., Sparks, Gina X Performance, Giorgio Moroder Donna Summer and more.