Moustache Chronicles 03: 'What Joe said...'

Moustache Chronicles 03: 'What Joe said...'

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Moustache Chronicles 03: 'What Joe said...'
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Dear listener

The theme of this diverse and unpredictable montage of joy is "Festivals 2015 revisited". It includes Classical to Jazz to Finnish–Norwegian folk to Funk to Electro-Swing to Chinese Dub to Ska to World Rhythms and more...

The closing track is a beauty - Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, sung by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer – two legends singing the song of a legend.

The title “What Joe said” is a little tribute to Joe Strummer, his musical diversity (The Clash/Mescaleros), his standing against racism and use of music to unite people.

Please note - the listening experience is enhanced if you have your feet up with a cup of hot chocolate (with a cheeky drop of brandy).


Martin & Tom xx


Playing tracks by Guts, Dee Felice Trio, The Pogues, Dmitri Shostakovich, Dub Size and more.

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Still-Moving DJs

Hi Chris -only just put this up so that I think makes you the first listener haha ... you're brave! Will probably make some changes next week to it as this is the first version. The track I think you mean is similar - it's the Trad Jazz one - Chris Barber Whistling Rufus (got it on 78) - love Chris Barber :)