Breaking Lines: Mixtape BLMIX001

Breaking Lines: Mixtape BLMIX001

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Breaking Lines: Mixtape BLMIX001
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Sound Vault's Darren Mooney curates the first 'Breaking Lines' mixtape, featuring psychedelic, electronica, Motorik, experimental, 60's beats, soundtracks, jazz, acid rock and space rock. What will you find?


Playing tracks by The Monkees, The John Barry Seven Plus Four, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Ennio Morricone and Astrud Gilberto, White Noise and more.



Here's a mix I put together for the Sound Vault featuring music from around the world including Kraftwerk, Hawkwind, David Axelrod, Serge Gainsbourg, Gong, White Noise, Felt and much more besides.