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The Final Nights of Paradise #1 & 2	Larry Levan

The Final Nights of Paradise #1 & 2 Larry Levan

Garage Records ‎– ZUKI-0084 (#1)/ ZUKI-0212 (#2)

Recorded LIVE at the Paradise Garage, 84 King St. New York, NY.
throughout it’s final weekend September 25 - 28, 1987

Mixed LIVE by Larry Levan on Thorens TD-125 MKII
Turntables and a Urei 1620 Mixer.

All Delay performed courtesy of Technics RS-1500 2-Track Reel to Reel.


The Spirit of The ‘G’ lives on forever.

Unofficial tracklist in comments below is incomplete.

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patrice michel

I was there that last night ... PG always in the corner of my thoughts

Serena Thunderbolt De Marchi

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Tudor Williams

wow - what an amazing, talented legend, where would house music be today without Larry Levan?


I was there: India, the bass, the E = a moment that only Larry could create a LOVE BREAK

Beatriz Medina Ogden



I never got to see this man LIVE but he has influenced my outlook on life in so many ways. Ex. My taste in music....I won't listen to crap. RIP Larry

Michael Revels

I remember the smoke blowing through the speakers, stomping so hard on the floor I knew we were going crashing through it, the girls rocking the poles,the lounge room, movie theatre, rooftop atrium and all the wonderful the memories....

Oshaeita Secondtonone Cuffee

Yes Michael Revels I too remember will never forget sometimes I cry about house back then was nothing can ever compare to house clubs where back then only thing whomever brought the mix about tweak the speed its entirely to fast and the music wasn't this fast it sounds like fast Techno but the selection is correct but it's too dam fast ughh this wasnt the way Larry My big Brother play the music too dam fast wow just hearing the music bring back so many memories for me