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  • 4 years ago
Chris & Dan's Snakes And Ladders - Show 17

Chris & Dan's Snakes And Ladders - Show 17

Playing tracks by

Holly Johnson, Climie Fisher, Madonna, Zoe, Olly Murs featuring Demi Lovato and more.

Chart positions

This show was 1st in the global comedy chart, 1st in the global news chart, 3rd in the global community radio chart, 5th in the global retro chart and 16th in the global radioshow chart.

Christian Frank & Dan Walton present their 17th show
"Roll Of The Dice"
1) Ever had a movie sold to you by a friend only to discover it was awful?
2) Is it acceptable to torture terror suspects?
3) Should there be a minimum age requirement to perform on TV talent shows?
4) Would you take a pill to live to 120?
5) Should drug addicts be paid to get sterilised?
6) When we broadcast LIVE at 7pm GMT what is your local time?
Please Get Involved, Make Our Monday :)



Hey lone solider : ) fine show indeed ! I don't see any wrong with FORCING the kids to crawl under the floor or do any manner of work .. I do have some concerns with paying them : hahahaha just kidding : All I ask of my kids when I working on any project around the house or garden .. is come and watch.. I leave it up to them to learn the skills that were handed down to me by the older folk: Regarding global warming : I do believe that it is the natural order of the earth to change : I've sped it up or escalated the situation .Yes ! as we rob her of all the resources to sustain the life of this enormous population :


2 hours solo and not a moment that was not interesting and amausing , you could talk me under the table :) 1. I have no idea whats Disney or not in most cases, but my kids watched frozen about 1000 times which i had the misfortune to catch that awful song from far too often so it gets my vote 2. Only issue I have here is they are suspects not proven so if you torture an innocent person is that right ? 3. Absolutely , child exploitation by parents is the worst .. poor kids when rejected dont have the capability to deal with the scars and far too many parents think they have talented kids when the reality is somewhat different, so parents stop trying to live your own failings through your kids 4. NO ! I would hate to reach any age where i have lost the capability to enjoy my life. 5. No , the pushers should be sterilized 6.On UK current time it would be 3am :)

Tokio Nitta

1) Frozen


1.) YES...Dead Snow
2.) YES...look at what they do to people
3.) Talent is talent
4.) nope
5.) no
6.) 1pm

White Lion Radio

Fantastic show with the best music to date, great start with Holly Johnson's "Love Train" still sounding fresh that track and not heard Climie Fisher for a while. Hope Dan feels better soon. Christian what have you been slipping in their coffee, first Jamie and now Dan??

Very interesting facts about Henry Hall, didn't know much of what you covered.

Thanks for including me on "Roll Of The Dice".

Fantastic to hear some New order by the way. No arguments from me in playing Yazoo's "Nobody's Diary", a top track.

A strange stereo effect with The Hollies track, vocals mainly in the right channel and music in the left.

I loved "Twilight" by ELO a real foot-tapper.

Well done Christian, you did a sterling job presenting the show on your own, not an easy thing to do as you feed of each other in the shows you do.

Roll Of The Dice

1. Yes "Solaris" and what a turkey of a film, worst I have ever seen.
2. Absolutely and when they have done that, deport them!
3. Yes 70 and over
4. Why not then I could appear on X-Factor and Britains got talent!
5. No, i've no time for drug addicts.
6. 7pm

Gordon Harris

Thanks for playing "Carrie Ann" for me! Memories, memories! Wow!

Gordon Harris

Good show, Chris! Who needs Dan, anyway (just joking)! I still don't agree with capital punishment under any circumstances. I still maintain that if we can't kill someone, the government, which represents us, shouldn't be able to either. Have a great week, and I hope Dan and Jamie both get better soon!


1. Gone With The Wind. 3 hrs I'll never get back.

2. Yikes. Not exactly a softball Q. This is the most difficult question facing governments | society. I would like to say straight-out NO, but if there is an absolute preponderance of evidence, and absolute knowledge of an active or pending terror threat, than maybe. But no ones son or daughter should ever be asked to torture someone.. so NO. If we are to create a better world we will have to find our true 'just' path--however difficult it may be.

3. Yes. The kid needs to be old enough to be good. I don't want to suffer some "cute" talentless kid's routine--or the goofy look on the parent's face.

4. Depends? would I have teeth? ..would I be incontinent? would I have energy to help others? What the heck. Bring on the pills, oops I mean future!

5. An emphatic NO! But I do keep a running list of people and groups of people we should feel free to sterilize AKA haters.

6. 3:00 am the prior morning.

Christian, what can say, you were born to carry a one man show! Impressive! The lead swallowing story really was unbelievable--horrific. Speaking of lead, maybe don't let the kids root around the floorboards.. haha! Hell, if kids in the early 1900s survived, you're kids are safe--enuf. Good show CF! Get well Dan!

Joanne Louise Frank

you done great Christian - very educational
1 I had a TV series called chuck sold to me by my sister saying I'd love it - it was just terrible
2 if you can save people definitely, but does it work? I know it does on TV but in real life? If you know they are guilty then just give them a trail and execution - don't keep them in camps forever
3 no - just have kid talent shows - I don't want to see people having mid-life crisis and desperate for fame
4 can everyone have this pill or only rich people, because poor countries may go to war for less
5 addicts put everything to the back of their drug craving - sadly including their family and children - they'd probably sign up for it themselves anyway. Some people not necessary drug addicts should be sterilized - they breed like gremlins always for the houses and the money
6 7pm, but I can't listen live I'm taking kids to Brigade
Prep me with a question and I'll try and call the studio sometime between those hours xx get Well Dan

Dan Walton

Thanks for your get well comments another day in bed I think but thanks for all your support and best wishes and really hope to be back next week as it's our first live shoe.. excited ..thanks Christian for covering.