6MS Sessions 9 April 2022

6MS Sessions 9 April 2022

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6MS Sessions 9 April 2022

The 6MS Saturday morning session on Stomp Radio from 9 April 2022, with JJ and Dave Cooper at the controls playing their usual mix of soul, jazz, disco, boogie, funk, house, edits etc. Featuring tracks by Cleveland Eaton, G.C. Cameron, Roberta Flack, Jazzanova, Sherrick, James Mason, Jestofunk, Bernado Motta, Art Of Tones, Mellow Madness, and others. Enjoy.

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Thanks DF. Glad you enjoyed it sir. Yeah, there's nothing like finding/hearing old tunes that you missed/didn't know. We're constantly revisiting old stuff for that very reason. :-) JJ/DC


Playlist for this show:

Cleveland Eaton - Flying High
Marcos Valle ft Leon Ware - A Vantage De Rever Voce
Calvin Harris - Love Souvenir (6MS edit)
Leo Sayer - Easy To Love
G.C. Cameron - Live For Love
Roberta Flack - Lovin' You
Sherrick - Call Me
Universal Robot Band - Barely Breakin' Even
Alice Russell - Gabrielle
James Mason - Nightgruv
Jazzanova - Theme From Belle Et Fou (DK edit)
Art Webb - Good Times
Shirley Brown - Love Starved
Dionne Warwick with Isaac Hayes - Can't Hide Love (live version)
James Mason - I Want Your Love
Jestofunk - For Your Precious Love
Roberta Flack - Qual E Malindrinho
Eugene Record - Fan The Fire
Bernado Motta - Out Of Sight (6MS edit)
Pete Maxey - Right On (Art Of Tones remix)
Gregory Porter - 1960 What (Opolopo mix/6MS edit)
Cleveland Eaton - I Don't Know
Mellow Madness - Save The Youth (instr.edit)