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Enter the House of Terror with September 70

Enter the House of Terror with September 70

Playing tracks by

Intro, Stefano Torossi, Guiliano Sorgini, Keith Mansfield, Johnny Pearson and more.

Did you ever wonder what was behind the door of that boarded up old house?

A hollow shell of brick and timber where the sounds of laughter and life that once filled it’s walls with warmth and hope has now been replaced with the creaks and groans of unrest and despair.

Today for some unknown reason, you decide to try the door. It opens easily under your touch. The first thing that hits you upon stepping into the building is the smell of neglect.

With a growing sense of unease you walk slowly down the hall toward another closed door. A chill runs down your spine and you can’t shake the sudden sense of foreboding.

You can hear a hissing and crackling coming from the room ahead. It sounds very much like the pops of static. You reach the door and push it open tentatively only to see an old record player sitting in the centre of an empty room. You lift the arm from the runoff and place the needle back at the beginning, sit on the bare floorboards and start to listen..


Charles Calthrop

A brilliant comp. My own opinion is that this comp qualifies as "ART." Too bad the d link is down at ye olde September70 blog :(

The Unforgiven

hayden wood very cool too @

The Unforgiven

loving the intro and pearson , D library stuff in 60's gangstermovie atmospheres,..La Fugue Melancolique


This is bitchin' from tip to toe. We'll be digging shops for these.




a friend of mine recently brought my attention to axelrod. what a legend.

Vinyl Miners

Bella! Really digging this mix again, "The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue" is one of my fave films! Thanks again September and will be in touch real soon.