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#6 Saout Africa(s) // 22th of June

#6 Saout Africa(s) // 22th of June

Müzik in the making
2017, 30’00”, Live performance (French, Turkish, English, German)
This musical, sonic and poetic performance creates a polyglot and symbolic bridge between the Brussels and Berlin Alevis diaspora and offers an original and sensitive radio form of this emerging music via its instrument,
voices and poetry.

Hungry Ghost
2017, 30’00”, Experimental music
Hungry Ghost was inspired by Amos Tutuola’s hallucinatory novel My Life In the Bush of Ghosts, and by the African music in his collection of LPs, accumulated over a period of nearly fifty years. Inevitably, his own music has absorbed the textures, atmospheres and dynamism of these strange and beautiful musics, many of them lost, become ghosts,
yet still hungry for life as recordings. Through the mediumship of electronics he imagines them restored to full life, along with the communality of music making that caused them to emerge.