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Jeran Campanella (Jeranism) - Freethinking the Flat Earth

Jeran Campanella (Jeranism) - Freethinking the Flat Earth

Tonight my very special guest is Jeran Campanella.

Jeran is a critical thinker and leading voice who is questioning the heliocentric or globe earth model by simply asking the question “Is the Earth flat?”

Jeran’s popular YouTube Channel Jeranism combines his unique style of humor and logic to ask his audience to use their gift of intellect and reason to question what they have been told about the world by the scientific community and the likes of NASA.

Our discussion was wide ranging as Jeran takes us through his own personal journey as he had to discard much of what he believed to be true as he ventured into the highly charged area of Flat Earth research. We also spend time talking about the under current of nastiness by shills, trolls, deniers and those that simply refuse to open their minds to the possibility of a different paradigm.