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The Secret, Sexy, Strong Podcast - Episode 4

The Secret, Sexy, Strong Podcast - Episode 4

1. Phil discusses all things lifestyle related to health and fitness.

2. Patsy - My boyfriend insists on watching telly in bed and I’m an insomniac. Although I drop off to sleep okay, I tend to sleep really badly and this affects the way I feel about exercise in the morning. Does the telly have anything to do with this?

3. Emma - I work ten hour days and rarely see any sunlight. Even getting out at lunch is tricky as my job is so full on. I think I might be suffering from SAD. Is there a way I can beat this in the dark winter months?

4. Eve - I was wondering whether having a "treat day" once a week is a sensible, or does it undo your week's hard work?

5. Twanglang - I work 8 hours a day and always have to take work home. I have no energy levels so can’t get to the gym, any advice?

6. Jade - I am a terrible sleeper; I sleep very lightly and suffer with anxiety/nerves so getting s good night’s sleep is very rare for me. I am tired A LOT; get run down skin...