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Ruthy A. Lopez

Riverside Ca, United States

I'm an upcoming producer from the Southern California area and have been djing for over five years now on Traktor Pro. I try to look at djing and music production as a way to take people into a positive state of mind and build up their esteem.

Most importantly, I work as a DJ and Director of Marketing for EasyLove Records where we as a company strive to literally make the experience of Easy Love real for the masses by bringing the best of what club culture has to offer through the organization and promotion of events based around the most current and up to date electronic music.

What is Easy Love?

Easy Love is the peak of crowd energy, a manifestation of connectedness and widespread euphoria. An audiovisual experience fueled by the creative use of crisp sound and brilliant lighting. This is the next generation of musical performance, a unique hybrid of sound and light, capable of uniting all those involved, making love, truly Easy.

Ruthy A. Lopez

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