There Then, Hear Now - 9th February 2016

There Then, Hear Now - 9th February 2016

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There Then, Hear Now - 9th February 2016
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The penultimate edition of film maker Mark Aitken's sonic photography series invites Tom Hunter to discuss and share sounds inspired by his acclaimed book 'Le Crowbar.' In 1995 Hunter set off from a squatted street in Hackney with a group of friends in an old double decker bus. Fuelled by selling egg butties, veggie burgers and beer, their journey took them through folk festivals in France, teknivals in Czech Republic, hippie gatherings in Austria and beach parties in Spain. ‘Le Crowbar’ paints a vivid picture of friends on a journey, exploring new horizons and ways of living on the road, in the wake of the introduction of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. With music by Law and Auder, Leftfield and Sabres of Paradise.


Playing tracks by The Prodigy.