The News Agents - 23rd September 2017

The News Agents - 23rd September 2017

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The News Agents - 23rd September 2017
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Experiments in news and arts with Jude Cowan Montague. This week: L'Alarme Rosso, Art in the Apennines. Poppy Whatmore, Lauren Cannell and Clio Thomas join curator Chris Simpson to discuss intervention, installation and making art in the ancient towns of central Italy. How to channel diverse inspiration including sheep-farming and painting the town red. Plus, what happens when a mountain art installation goes wrong and the emergency rescue is called to the scene. For more information see


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Beverley Isaacs

Chris Simpson-' I suggested it to Orazio and he said " hmm that's a bit different"! don't you mean he said, " you must be bonkers?!"

Jude Montague

Sophie Corbelet thanks for the comment. Absolutely right. Katja was a great asset to our residency! I thank her for all her photos many of which I have been enjoying online. Very sensitive and atmospheric.

Sophie Corbelet

Enjoyed listening to the song on Atina! and it was nice to hear all the stories again.
Katja Heber/Lichtermeer was a key in photographing a lot the people of Atina