Clear Spot - 11th December 2015 (Frontier Psychoanalyst)

Clear Spot - 11th December 2015 (Frontier Psychoanalyst)

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Clear Spot - 11th December 2015 (Frontier Psychoanalyst)
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Frontier Psychoanalyst - examining the psychological aspects of political life and social experience with psychoanalyst and consultant psychotherapist Dr David Morgan, who discusses the effect of power on the mind of the politician. His guests are psychoanalyst Phil Stokoe; Dr Elizabeth Cotton, Director of Surviving Work and Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University; and Professor Andy Cormio, editor of Occupy and a philosopher of art at Kent University.


Ana Sokic



Truly splendid - never heard this sort of reasoning before..

John Smith

Astonishingly good.

Thomas Wilmot

we need more of this social commentry

Howell Morgan


Howell Morgan

Thanks Angie. I think we are going to do some more.

Angie Eden

This was an important , and revelatory programme . Congratulations to Resonance and the contributors .

Howell Morgan

Track lists are Keith Jatrret Kohn Concert
Keith Tipppet a Kite days silently

Howell Morgan

Thank you O we hope to make this a regular slot covering all topics I agree it's an overdue project.

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