Frontier Psychoanalyst - 18th January 2016

Frontier Psychoanalyst - 18th January 2016

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Frontier Psychoanalyst - 18th January 2016
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A four part discussion series with consultant psychotherapist Dr David Morgan and guests. This week: David discusses climate change with Sally Weintrobe, psychoanalyst and editor of Engaging with Climate Change; Ulrik Grassinger of Counterpoint; Rachel Gibbons Consultant Psychiatrist / analyst and Dr Andrew Conio, Director of Programmes (Fine Art and Event & Experience Design), University of Kent, and editor, Occupy: A People Yet to Come.


Playing tracks by David Bowie.


Howell Morgan

Odetta beautiful voice check her out.

Robert McLean

Love the song at the beginning! Who was the singer?

Howell Morgan

I agree that fear of social exclusion remaining in the norm is paramount to changing attitudes toward climate. race immigration etc the wish to belong. to be a have, creating the have nots who carry our fear of exclusion

Julian Firth

this is linguistics not psychoanalytics... obviously our internal constructions are to a certain extent affected by our external relating, but social normative behaviour is as much to do with our willingness to risk exclusion as our selfish oh I've lsot my thread and this set up wont let me review what I was saying, never mind, you get my drift, scientisation of group behaviour has become a safety language of its own, and leaves us with the feeling that only science will cure 'uncare'...the individual is its own culture, eat more fruit.

Howell Morgan


Howell Morgan

Thank you all feedback gratefully received

Mo Brown

Thank you for your reflections and observations. Useful and helpful.

Jude Kenyon

Another insightful discussion ,plus great music.