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Clear Spot - 2nd May 2019 (5G Trial in London)

Clear Spot - 2nd May 2019 (5G Trial in London)

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Dusty Springfield and Pink Floyd.

5G Trial in London – To Be Or Not To Be? An examination of the facts. A live studio discussion chaired by Diana Mavroleon with regard to the 5G trials planned to be launched in London soon. Guests Nicholas Martin, Barrie Tower and Mark Steele will cover the health effects and other implications of this unpredictable technology which has no international, independent, scientifically verified safety standards. See also and on this topic.



So very glad that this is being highlighted. Governments are rolling this out because its all part of the New World Order who via the UN is trying to take over the world with a ludicrous regime starting with Agenda 21 Depopulation by 90% of the world. Hard to believe they have it on their UN website just google it. In the news recently they are harping on about climate change all a load of crap again instigated by NWO Thats because they want to get rid of the animals that we eat cows at the moment. They want us all to be vegans! Smart motorways, mobiles, t.v's, meters. Meters are a danger they can make you ill, catch on fire. You can have them removed if you have them, you need to put it in writing, if your provider tries to wriggle out of it then tell them your health is being affected, British Gas and l think EDF are not insured for these meters against ill health they will be quick to change them.
Common purpose which has infiltrated the police hence the change in policing, education, local government, to name a few. Common Purpose is supposed to be a charity and has training at £500.00 a pop. You can tell who has had training due to the terminology they use, i.e "Sustainability" is used constantly. The reason May wants to get rid of diesel and petrol vehicles and introducing electric cars they want to curtail the use of cars. They want you on public transport. They will herd people into smaller accommodation nearer cities and close access to vast areas. They will take your property they want total control. Again if you don't believe me just google Agenda 21, 30 and 50. Come on people wake up top what is happening. Brexit has been a distraction, May is signing away our military to the EU Unification of Defence and Security, we will not be a nation without our military.


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5G, smart meter, LED, DEW, EMP, EMF military technology, UN strong city network, Mark Anthony Steele +

Fitzwilliam inbred military cult, Troy river, tent city, 18 Brickyard Troy depot, school, witch hood +

US Federal Law Enforcement, harassment, asset seizure, human trafficking, organ harvesting, vaccines +

Octogon, the empire of darkness +

Gangstalker wars: Security industry specialist tells all, social engineering program details exposed


For people who would like to support the initiative to stop 5G trials on people: