A World In London - 22nd November 2017

A World In London - 22nd November 2017

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A World In London - 22nd November 2017
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DJ Ritu presents the UK’s definitive global music show from London. This week: Qanun queen and soulful composer Maya Youssef introduces her debut album, 'Syrian Dreams.' 'The act of playing music is the opposite of death, its a life and hope affirming act. The war started in my homeland in 2011. From that point on making music was no longer a choice, it was a crucial means to express and come to terms with intense feelings of loss and sadness from seeing my people suffer and my homeland destroyed. On a hot summer's afternoon in London in 2012 I was watching the news. At the time I felt overwhelmed, as if I was going to explode, so I held my qanun and 'Syrian dreams' came out of me. That was the very first piece of music I wrote.'