RTMC Montagu arrest RGH member (14.04.2022)

RTMC Montagu arrest RGH member (14.04.2022)

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RTMC Montagu arrest RGH member (14.04.2022)

one of the friendliest and most formal arrests in the history of RGH, arresting RTMC agent Baadjies uncomfortable right from the start, knowing what RGH does is the lawful way and anything legal is the undoing of god's law; unfortunately all agents of the state are also subject to the punitive system should they disobey any orders or instructions, thus compromising their ability to provide for their families.

RTMC agent Stander also joined to conversation, who himself was served all documentation relevant to RGH in 2020 by Jan a people of RGH, not surprising he had no recollection of the meeting or the stack of documents he was meant to forward to traffic chief John Carolissen.

this 3 hour encounter reveals a lot about state of the state again, all the way to SAPS officer Cupido, who during the fingerprint session clearly speak out against vaccine policies and the COVID scam.