Jan (RGH) meeting John Carolissen (RTMC Swellendam) (05.10.2015)

Jan (RGH) meeting John Carolissen (RTMC Swellendam) (05.10.2015)

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Jan (RGH) meeting John Carolissen (RTMC Swellendam) (05.10.2015)

recording from a meeting with traffic chief Carolissen back in 2015, after two confrontational incidents, one in Barrydale involving another RGH members and the other a traffic fine issued to Jan a people in Suurbraak, see Swellendam incident on our website :


Now, 2023, the same was suggested to RGH again, after another RSA court farce & failure (see Montagu incident), to make contact with John who could refer us to the director of traffic in Cape Town, exactly what John did back in 2015, only difference, from the last few encounters in the area, John does not seem to tolerant, friendly or peaceful any more, but rather supporting the legal opinion of some SAPS officer in Cape Town.

The merry-go-round continues its journey and music, with no signs of getting off...