Jam El Mar (Jam &Spoon-Dance2Trance) Live for Report2Dancefloor Radio

Jam El Mar (Jam &Spoon-Dance2Trance) Live for Report2Dancefloor Radio

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Jam El Mar (Jam &Spoon-Dance2Trance) Live for Report2Dancefloor Radio

Jam El Mar LIVE exclusively on Report2Dancefloor Radio // Sunday 5th November
R2D Radio holds all archive guest sets on absolute collaboration with each artist officially and exclusively.
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Playing tracks by Ilija Djokovic, Dema/Paride Saraceni, Dante Pippi, Coyu/Kevin De Vries/Weska, Kevin Saunderson and more.


Danny de Galicia

Endless words to express how amazing this man is.

DaNCeDoKTaH a.k.a NeT-HeaD

There is only One Proper Way to Honour and Respect the Ones that have left this World way too Soon.....

<3 R.I.P Mark Spoon <3

And that is to Understand and Continue the Positive Charged Work that They Loved doing for Us on this GodForsaken World , full of negative elements that need to be balanced Out !

Mark Flyn

"Jam" be tasty! - Missed live due to Firework's in UK and My Dog having a Breakdown - Take it away Mr.El Mar.....

Khemraz Purmanund


DJ FastHand