Mental Health and Community - # 3

Mental Health and Community - # 3

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Mental Health and Community - # 3
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The third in a series looking at Mental Health and Community, and what does it mean, what can it mean, to support or to get support on this topic. Ann Antidote put together this program with mostly musical contributions from local community musicians (Berlin) and/or feminist musicians.

By order of appearance: Gustav (we shall overcome), Terre Thaemlitz (Women in Bands + Agnostico sa Dabaw), Kasia Justka (Electrocute), Harry Franz (cold electric music), Liv Massei (I would prefer not), c-drík and friends (Mukto Mona), Hyenaz (heat), Lithalsa (Live at DeathLab, bootlegged with permission by Ann Antidote), Schadenersatz in form von Gerümpel (Цeмeнт нe Любит дeрeво), Rainhas do Norte (Cada Uma), Terre Thaemlitz (Women in Bands)

Photo Credit: Aarhus Pacifier Tree 3: Wikicommons / Stan Shebs


Playing tracks by Gustav, Terre Thaemlitz, Terre Thaemliz, Kasia Justka, Liv Massei and more.

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